A continuing battle against racism

Following Albion’s dismal display against Manchester City on Tuesday 26th January, baggies midfielder Romaine Sawyers was racially abused over social media. The police were commendably quick to intervene and a man was arrested on Friday 29th. A player who has become somewhat of a scapegoat amongst a lot of supporters should never have to go through this experience in today’s day and age.

Image courtesy of Express and Star

An official club statement was released on Friday 29th outlining its continued no tolerance approach to racism – a sentiment that is shared by 99% of the fanbase. “The club has a proud history of confronting all forms of discrimination and will assist the authorities with their inquiries, seeking the toughest available legal punishment, as well as a lifetime ban from The Hawthorns for the individual responsible.”

Speaking out and reporting racial abuse is the first and most important step in the challenge of kicking it out of football. The actions of the individual are inexcusable and a lifetime ban is warranted in my opinion – somebody that can cross the line to the extent that this person did is no true fan of the club.

Sawyers’ performances of late have been rather underwhelming if we’re being honest and a professional footballer is allowed to be critiqued or criticised but this is completely unacceptable and wrong on so many levels. Racism has absolutely no place in football and that message is one that simply will not be dropped.

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